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Magnet Driver Offers a Complete Kit for All DIY and Home Maintenance Needs

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Updated 8:16 AM CST, Wed, January 10,2018

Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2018 -- Magnet Driver is Micaton USA Corporation's newest product set, offering a suite of tools to help homeowners and DIY fans drill, drive and nail. The drill bits and other attachments can be used with Magnet Driver tools, as well as tools from other brands, giving users even more flexibility in how they like to work.

The complete kit called Total Tool DDN includes more than 25 accessories: drill bits, driver bits in a variety of sizes, their patented screwholder sleeves and all connecting hardware. All of this and more comes in a convenient carry and storage case which also includes an extra magnetic storage band that allows you to work faster with one hand. Smaller packages are also available for users who only wish to purchase specific portions of the set. Additional accessories and bits can be added on to the package as well.

The drill bits with carbide tip are made from high-quality, stable steel for maximum durability when drilling through wood, plastic, plasterboard and even iron. A single drill bit can drill through multiple materials so there is no need to switch bits. Magnetic attachments keep the bits, screws and nails connected securely. Everything has been crafted meticulously to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality. All of the parts have been repeatedly tested for user convenience and ease of use.

To help bring the Magnet Driver to homeowners around the world, Micaton has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. At the time of this release, the campaign had already exceeded its $20,000 goal, bringing in more than $30,000. The campaign will continue until February 5, 2018, leaving plenty of time for interested backers to take advantage of the offers available during the campaign only.

The funds raised will be used to finalize testing of the products, secure the materials needed for manufacturing, fund the initial production run, market the product and ship it out to customers. Micaton will reward contributors to the campaign with Magnet Driver products, with gifts increasing in value at higher donation levels. Micaton aims to begin shipping products out to consumers in July 2018.

About Micaton USA Corporation
Micaton designs, develops, manufactures and distributes products designed to help homeowners maintain their homes. Its products are also popular among DIY enthusiasts. Products include individual tools, accessories and tool kits.

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