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Mark J. Spinicelli Releases Realistic Fiction Books - the Catching a Miracle Trilogy

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Updated 10:30 AM CST, Fri, January 11,2019

Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2019 -- Mark J. Spinicelli has released his Catching a Miracle Trilogy composed of realistic fiction books that manifest the author's hope about cancer treatment in the real world.

The series composed of three books namely Catching a Miracle, The Hunt for Hans, and Sparrow in the Fog takes readers into Spinicelli's efforts of researching how a cure for cancer can turn into reality in these modern times. Spinicelli lost his sister to the disease and this inspired him to harness all his research efforts into the Catching a Miracle novel series. These novels are the reflection of Spinicelli's hope of realizing an initiative that will put an end to cancer once and for all.

The first book in the trilogy, Catching a Miracle, is an inspirational novel that tells the will of human spirit to find answers to the unanswerable. This non-stop thriller is about Dr. Shelly White who takes on a personal mission of curing cancer using her own terms. Being a cancer survivor during her childhood, Dr. White took it to her heart to find a cure for the condition only to discover that constant political obstacles are blocking her efforts.

The second book, The Hunt for Hans, is basically the continuation of Catching a Miracle. Dr. White and Nick, after finding a cancer cure, are lauded for their efforts, yet soon learn that the cure has flaws. They try to enlist the scientist's help who had been missing for years and is sought after by the CIA and NSA to perfect the cancer cure.

The third book in the trilogy, Sparrow in the Fog, is a thriller regarding the suppression of medical research by governmental powers that are determined to keep the status quo and every US Marshal is determined to seek out such secrets no matter what it takes.

The author of the trilogy is Mark J. Spinicelli. He has over thirty years of experience working in the industry of entertainment. He is the CEO of Audio Visual Corporation in Orlando since 1989 and the Spinicelli Foundation continues to support The Scouts and Hospice centers in the Central Florida area giving encouragement to boys and girls as well as respect and dignity to those that are ending their life journey.

After losing his sister to cancer, Spinicelli harnessed his energy and creativity into his novel series, which is known as "Catching a Miracle". These novels are written to mirror Mark's own hope to end cancer.

For more details about Mark J. Spinicelli's Catching a Miracle Trilogy, check out its official website at http://catchingamiracle.com/

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