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Michelle Dumay Discusses Cannabis Dispensary Breaches on Data Security and Privacy with the Privacy Professor with Rebecca Herold on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Tue, January 29,2019

Michelle Dumay, cannabis industry privacy and security advocate, discusses cannabis dispensary breaches and provides advice for effectively addressing security and privacy, and meeting associated legal requirements. Show first airs live on January 29, 5:00pm Eastern Time.

Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2019 -- Medical cannabis is legal in thirty-three states and Washington, D.C. Ten states allow legalized sale of recreational marijuana. These numbers are projected to increase dramatically in 2019. Most people using medical cannabis dispensaries and marijuana stores assume their personal information is safe in marijuana stores and medical cannabis dispensaries. Or they believe if they pay in cash there will be no record of their purchases. These are incorrect beliefs. Many risks exist to the security and privacy of those purchasing any type of marijuana. Michelle Dumay, cannabis patient advocate, and information security and privacy thought leader, helps medical cannabis dispensaries and stores to secure their customers' and patients' data and to protect privacy.

"Data and privacy compliance transformation is coming to the cannabis ecosystem. Cannabis patients, consumers and regulators will demand it," Michelle opines.

Rebecca Herold, host of Data Security & Privacy with The Privacy Professor, will discuss medical cannabis dispensary and marijuana store data security and privacy with Michelle on her show airing Tuesday, January 29. Some questions that will be answered include: What data is collected about marijuana purchases? What security is needed to protect access to that data? How can privacy of marijuana patients and consumers be protected? Can government, law enforcement and employers get access to data about state legal marijuana and medical cannabis purchases?

"There have already been numerous personal data breaches at medical cannabis dispensaries and marijuana stores. Organizations managing these businesses must properly secure the personal data their patients and customers have entrusted to them to not only prevent breaches, but also to prevent harms to those facing discrimination, and to meet the growing amount of legal requirements for protecting such data," Rebecca explains.

Rebecca provides a free online marijuana and medical cannabis security and privacy evaluation at https://simbus360.com/cannabis/ to help marijuana stores and medical cannabis dispensaries identify their security and privacy risks, and to provide advice for mitigating those risks.

Data Security & Privacy with The Privacy Professor airs new shows every Tuesday at 2:00pm Pacific Time. The episode discussing medical cannabis security and privacy with Michelle Dumay will first air on January 29 at 2:00pm Pacific Time on Data Security & Privacy with The Privacy Professor on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. The show will be available for listening on demand after this date.

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About Rebecca Herold
Rebecca Herold, aside from hosting Data Security & Privacy with The Privacy Professor, is CEO of The Privacy Professor consultancy, established in 2004, and President of SIMBUS, LLC, established in 2014.

Ms. Herold has built a loyal and growing global listenership for her radio show over the past 11 months in part due to the wide variety of high-profile information security and privacy experts she has as guests.

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