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One Luxury Travel Bag Brand Is Promising to Transform Baggage Business from "Aspirational" to Affordable

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Updated 1:55 PM CST, Tue, January 29,2019

Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2019 -- Soon to be launched on Tutoes.com is the Original 208 Holdall from the "rebel" brand Desi Tutoes. But those who can't stand waiting for the official launch this spring can Pre-Order one of these aspirational but affordable bags.

Customers are sure to covet this luxury travel bag. When they glide the large teeth of the Original 208 Holdall's double zipper open, there's a promise etched on the inside of its velvet linings: "On the other side of fear...is freedom." It's a quiet but insistent note from the creative director of the Desi Tutoes luxury accessories brand, Desmond Brown, and a hearkening back to his own creative but humble roots.

Desi Tutoes began forming in the young, shy but curious mind of Desmond Brown while assisting his ever-watchful paternal grandmother. As she snipped, stitched and seamed away the days and nights, Desmond Brown felt the first stirrings of that creative and entrepreneurial itch. Today, those same classic sensibilities, like a commitment to quality craftsmanship, an eye for detail and a flair for fashion trends, mark the Original 208 Holdall, Desi Tutoes's signature travel bag release. Slated to open for purchase through a Pre-Order campaign in January 2019, the Original 208 Holdall is already generating consumer buzz.

The Original 208 Holdall is the affordable luxury leather travel bag that puts premium materials and construction as a top priority. It's a signature piece that is made to accompany the frequent flyer with ease and durability while indicating an individual of discerning personal style. Design choices like a lush, soft velvet inner lining, high-quality, American-sourced leather hides, elegant waffle stitching in an understated yet impactful diamond tessellation, and comfortable, stylish braiding on the dual-tone tote handles make this a stand-out, eye-catching travel bag.

But exuding luxury with a just-the-right-touch-of-rock'n'roll irreverence is not the Original 208 Holdall's only function. With just as much ease and panache, it submits to the wearer's need for space, digital accessorizing and multi-purpose storage. Its thoughtful design inclusions like storage space for cords, headphones and travel necessities make it the perfect bag for the busy entrepreneur. The Holdall channels the Desi Tutoes "ultra-confident fashion maverick" persona, giving fashion-conscious but reserved personalities the ability to make a statement out loud while organizing and simplifying the travel lifestyle. From airports to baggage claim, conferences to runways, this luxury leather travel bag is set to make a statement.

Besides the focus on quality craftsmanship and masculine design, the Holdall eschews the idea that one's status is defined by a designer logo — all it cares about is creative freedom, an ethic and aesthetic close to its Creative Director, Desmond Brown's heart. Though Brown used his stint at London Fog Baltimore to refine and hone his creative design skills, it's really the tutelage from his Grandmother Mary that guides the Holdall's adherence to classic, sleek, masculine lines. "This is your ticket! This is your way to greatness and creative freedom," she would say and so does the Original 208 Holdall, with its unmistakable focus on luxury and functionality.

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