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Outsidepride.com Offers Lawn Winterization Tips

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Updated 12:31 PM CST, Fri, November 09,2018

Independence, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2018 -- As the country's premier provider of the highest-quality lawn supplies online, Outsidepride.com is committed to helping their customers create beautiful and alluring landscapes for their homes' exteriors. Now, the company is offering tips on lawn winterization, and how to get it ready for the upcoming cold weather.

Properly preparing an outdoor area or space for frigid and potentially sub-zero temperatures can allow homeowners to ensure that their grasses are looking lush and healthy when spring weather arrives. For instance, cool-season grasses can require a higher level of care during the cold season than warm-season grasses do.

This includes removing any decaying matter and debris, like dead leaves, because a thick layer of leaves can negatively affect this grasses' health. Additionally, by pulling out weeds like dandelions and other nuisance plants, homeowners can prevent them from stealing vital nutrients from cold-season grasses. By fertilizing these grasses with potassium, you can increase their tolerance and ability to endure the season.

By comparison, warm-season grasses don't require as much care because they typically go dormant during the winter. However, they can still benefit from extra care and preparation. For instance, keeping a warm-season grass lawn tidy and clear from fallen leaves and weeds is recommended, as is drastically reducing its nitrogen intake in late summer.

Following these simple and straightforward guidelines can help homeowners to enjoy lush and vibrant lawns and a beautiful outdoor landscape when spring arrives.

For more information on winterizing cool or warm season grasses or lawn care products for sale, call Outsidepride.com today at 800-670-4192 or visit https://www.outsidepride.com/.

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