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Raven Performance Introduces the World's Best Compression Wrist Sleeve, Optimized for Performance and Support

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Updated 7:33 AM CST, Tue, January 23,2018

Fairfield, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2018 -- Raven Performance, the innovative baseball and fitness company, has a revolutionary new compression wrist sleeve. The company is currently live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

After suffering a broken wrist during a pickup basketball game, founder Jeremy Yarsin realized inherent flaws with the current wrist support products on the market.

"The reusable neoprene wrist support market is strong, but flawed. After breaking my wrist, returning to the diamond took work and a lot of different wrist supports. I experienced flaws in the current marketplace offerings, namely their un-breathability and awkward fit," says Yarsin on the inspiration behind the project.

"Use of tape or a reusable wrist sleeve is almost ubiquitous in baseball. Using a flawed product negatively affects your performance both physically and mentally. If you are worried thinking about your gear, you aren't focusing on what you need to be. We are developing an innovative and unique solution to this marketplace."

The biggest flaw with traditional wrist supports is that they are constructed of nylon, which offers no performance qualities, and neoprene, which doesn't breathe. The Raven Performance Compression Wrist Sleeve is a groundbreaking and proprietary new design which, for the first time, utilizes a high performance polyester on a perforated neoprene. This creates a breathable and flexible design that is optimal for performance and comfort.

"I believe that flaws lead to innovation. So it is my goal, and our goal as a business, to innovate the solutions to those flaws. That is why we are disrupting the baseball and fitness apparel industry with my wrist sleeve. Fixing the current flaws, innovating solutions, and creating an end-result that has been unbelievably well received," adds Yarsin.

"Apparel shouldn't hold you back. If we're going to cover our skin, why use fabrics and materials that do nothing to enhance or compliment how amazing our skin really is? It makes no sense, which is why we only use performance oriented fabrics with tons of functional features and a nice form fit to act as a secondary skin."

Raven Performance is currently applying for Major League Baseball approval on the wrist sleeve, which requires getting at least one player to endorse it, while also convincing MLB that the product adds value to players. Once approved, the company stands to significantly benefit from the sign off.

The Raven Performance Signature Wrist Compression Sleeve is currently available for purchase and to support on Indiegogo.

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Raven Performance, LLC is an innovative baseball and fitness performance apparel and accessory brand. We are focused on bringing you the best, most innovative gear available. We specialize in our Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve along with an ever growing line of compression and non-compression apparel. Endorsed by players from the sandlot to MLB.

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