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Rooftops Hip-Hop Debut Album "LetYouTellit" Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Updated 8:21 AM CDT, Mon, July 09,2018

The Young Aspiring Irish Hip-Hop Rapper Currently Seeking Support via Kickstarter In Order To Record, Produce And Publish His Hip-Hop Debut Album "LetYouTellit".

Cork, Ireland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2018 -- Gearoid Coughlan, who is professionally known as 'Rooftops' is an Irish Hip-Hop artist based out of Cork, Ireland. His debut album has taken a lot of time to get to a position where its at today. His journey from listening and following Hip-Hop to now been in a position to record his very own album "LetYouTellit" is a somewhat dream for this young rapper.

He describes his particular type of Hip-Hop as close to old school 90's when Biggie and 2pac where alive and prominent. The artist has written all the lyrics that will feature in this upcoming album and thus feels he will gain support locally whether that's financially or through his social media by sticking to his lyrical roots.

To gain international awareness and potential recognition is a top goal and feels by sourcing from some of the best music producers in the Hip-Hop industry gives his album that chance of achieving such success. Ultimately in order to achieve local or international success he does need support and is welcoming backers from around the world to check out his Kickstarter project.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will give 'Rooftops' the opportunity to share his music with a wider audience and approach record and distribution companies globally which is the ultimate goal upon completing his debut album 'LetYouTellit'

Backers from around the world can support 'Rooftops' and ultimately obtain rewards based on different financial tires which include;

Pre - Release digital album download.
Signed Physical copy of the 'LetYouTellit' album.
Signed Limited Edition Poster.
4hr Studio Hangout.

The Kickstarter Campaign can be located through this Link: http://bit.do/Rooftops-Kickstarter

I know from speaking to him he would very much appreciate if you take the time to look through his Kickstarter project. If you should choose to help him out with the funding or just want to follow him through his social media then that would be very much appreciated.

Social Media:

Facebook: TheRealRooftops
Instagram: freshsurface
Snapchat: therealrooftops
Youtube: Rooftops
Twitter: therealrooftops

Contact Person: Rooftops - Gearoid Coughlan
City: Cork
Country: Ireland
Email: Rooftops@email.com
State: Munster
Company: Rooftops
Kickstarter Link: http://bit.do/Rooftops-Kickstarter

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Gearoid Coughlan
Email: Click to Email Gearoid Coughlan
Web: http://bit.do/Rooftops-Kickstarter