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Signs That a Tree Needs Removal from Big Timber Tree Service, LLC

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Updated 1:00 AM CDT, Wed, July 24,2019

Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2019 -- When homeowners in the Medford area need tree removal, they know to call Big Timber Tree Service, LLC. But how do they know whether tree removal is necessary? A tree should be removed when it's dead or dying without hope of recovery. A dead or dying tree will exhibit several symptoms to let homeowners know that something is wrong.

Rotten roots will cause a tree to lose some of its grip on the ground and lean to one side as these roots weaken and break; an angle of at least 15° indicates a significant structural issue. Another sign that something is rotten in the state of New Jersey is the appearance of fungus, growing at the base of the tree or on the trunk.

Speaking of the trunk, another area to keep an eye on is the bark. Cankers which are areas where the bark is gashed, indented, or missing entirely, may appear on a dying tree. Lumps on the bark are also something to look for.

It's important to look not only at the tree itself, but also at the ground around the tree. See any discolored leaves on the ground, even though it's not the time of year when the tree typically loses its leaves? Do these leaves have fewer veins than usual? These are signs that a tree is unable to distribute nutrients to its extremities.

If this problem gets bad enough, a tree will start to prune itself. This can be observed if dead branches have been falling off the tree, sometimes leaving holes in the trunk where cavities have formed.

One does not have to be a tree expert to notice these signs, but one should call the leading tree service in the Haddon Heights area if these signs are visible. Contact Big Tree Timber Service, LLC for a free estimate!

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