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Stay Updated with California Gun Laws in 2019

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Updated 11:45 AM CST, Wed, February 27,2019

California gun laws are among some of the most tricky laws to follow. This is because these laws change often as more regulations are passed. California gun laws, however, are easy to keep up with due to LAX Ammo. LAX Ammo is a firearm and ammo provider who is in charge of making sure customers are updated on all recent laws and regulations.

Inglewood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2019 -- Don't let others who are against guns intimidate you from purchasing or using firearms. LAX Ammo knows of the long prejudice that many individuals face when it comes to firearms, which is why they created a list of all recent California gun laws. These California gun laws are what make sure that any firearm holders are carrying and using responsibly.

LAX Ammo continues to update their California gun laws yearly. This is because California has a reputation of changing their gun laws every so often. Some of these new California gun laws regulations include ammo and firearm sale restrictions. They are useful for any gun owner or seller to look over before dealing with firearms.

One of the most recent updates in 2019, is anyone under 21 years of age can not purchase a long gun. This is one of the many new California gun laws which can affect anyone wishing to purchase a gun. It is always best to look closely at any California gun laws if you are in the same state, before carrying or using a gun. Gun regulations change every year and with LAX Ammo, gun owners can stay up to date on them.

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