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SWEAT IT OUT COOL COMPRESSION Highlights the 1900SL and 1900SLCP Compression Wear

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Updated 10:44 AM CDT, Tue, August 07,2018

Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2018 -- SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® want to inform audiences all about their 1900SL and 1900SLCP compression products.

Starting with their 1900SL, SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® makes it known that they are the best compression shorts for one's hamstrings. Supporting the hips, thighs, and groin, the 1900SL's wards off hip flexors, groin pulls, muscle pulls, quad injuries and hamstring pulls. The 1900SL is built to support the region where one's upper leg muscles work the most intensely and is vital to one's protection in almost all athletic activities, especially those that emphasize running.

The 1900SL also supports the muscles needed for forward-thrust motions and enables fast, fine-motor movements, all while suppressing muscle vibrations and aid recovery from muscular injuries.

SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® also discusses their 1900SLCP. 6" inches longer than their 1900SL, the 1900SLCP provides the ultimate knee coverage while retaining all of the support to the hips, thighs, and groin. The knee joints are the most complex and most massive joints in the human body, and the 1900SLCP offers knee protection that remains in place without sliding down or riding up as many lower-end products do. With a 210% stretch, the 1900SLCP makes a fantastic fit for both sexes, giving powerful muscle support while still allowing ample movement.

Anyone who is seeking amazing support for their leg muscles and joints is directed to contact SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® today by calling them at 1-800-343-8960 or by visiting https://www.sweatitout.com/.

The SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® brand specializes in TRUE COMPRESSION for both the Upper and Lower body, for both men and women, to help prevent injuries and also to help with rehabilitation from an existing injury. SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® Performance Compression shorts, Performance Compression Tops, Running Gear, and Performance Compression Pants are made from a unique, powerful fabric designed to be worn next to the skin for a tight fit. The material provides true compression to the underlying tissue and muscle without restriction or discomfort. For more information about SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® and its products, visit: https://www.sweatitout.com/.

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