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The Color Game by Margherita Crystal Lotus Inspires Women on Their Own Healing Journey

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Updated 9:37 AM CST, Tue, November 07,2017

Intuitive healer, artist, and author Margherita Crystal Lotus launches her first novel, The Color Game, to inspire women who are experiencing painful emotions a way to heal.

Kingston, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2017 -- The intention for The Color Game of novels is to inspire women who experience stress and painful emotions, to know there is help, and say yes to their own healing journey. Margherita Crystal Lotus' book series originated as an idea to blend healing with a fantasy sci-fi story, like Alice in Wonderland mixed with Star Trek.

The dreams of Ida, a seventeen-year old girl, guide you to find yourself and the events that have shaped your life and show you how to heal inner wounds and traumas. Being alone in your mind, makes it even worse, but by reading another woman's situation and successes may motivate you to step up for yourself and take charge of your life in a new happier way.

Many levels of energy are coordinated by powerful energy organs, called chakras. Exploring your inner energy system will help you to clear out the reactions of negativity and harmful beliefs. Sometimes we do not know why we feel bad, unhappy and terrified by the outside world, but by dreaming about an aspect of a trauma, our mind can gradually learn to remove the fears behind it.

"Margherita Crystal Lotus is so talented in how she expresses some of the most profound ideas and thoughts. She is a thought leader as well as a mystic." ~ Marilyn Shannon, Author of In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of Men.

Numerous women are hurt and treated badly in our society today, especially in the areas of work, and business by being paid less than men. Some women who have success often have to deal with inner stress. The feelings of worthlessness and lack of self-confidence also block women from doing what they are meant to do.

Having a more conscious awareness and understanding what is going on in our lives helps a person move forward and enjoy life more. Traumas, unexpected grief or, difficult relationships are, in a way, challenges that make us evolve. Each event might be pushed away and hidden in our subconscious mind. This book give you the steps to become aware, take correct action, and finally reach your goal.

"Yes! Margherita has done it again. She is writing about archetypal experiences, simply and elegantly, so all of us can learn quietly and immediately. In "The Color Game," she walks with us through deep feelings, colors, planets and initiations so clearly, we are guaranteed to be well-versed enough to be grand healing, evolving adventurers in our own lives." ~ Marilyn Twintreess co-author the Stones Alive! trilogy; Elemental Birth Imprints, and Feeding the Living Body & Soul.

About Margherita Crystal Lotus
Margherita Crystal Lotus was born in Sweden. Being a daughter of a medical doctor and a biochemist rushed her into the science world at an early age. She explored the sciences by achieving a degree in biochemistry and mathematics. Blending art and science, made Margherita see beyond what is possible, and helped her dive deeper in her mind, loosen the barriers of harmful conditioning, and remove her fears. Moving to Canada in 1989 helped her through hardship and taught her to become her true authentic self.

Margherita is an artist, healing catalyst, intuitive healer, and author of her first novel, The Color Game, in which she takes you to an inner journey of awareness and spirituality. From the place of her heart's wisdom, she helps women who do not see their own worth, discover their life purpose and transform their lives to connect with their river of joy. On her community Facebook page 'Chakra University' you can find insights and artwork related to chakras.

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