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The Radio Agency Examines Where Millennials Discover New Music in Latest Article

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Updated 11:36 AM CDT, Wed, August 01,2018

Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2018 -- With conflicting reports from reputable sources like Forbes and Quartz on the popularity of radio among millennial audiences, The Radio Agency's Kirsten Lipsky sought to find the truth in her latest article, Where Millennials Discover New Music.

As an Environmental Engineering major at the University of Pittsburgh, Ms. Lipsky began working at The Radio Agency this summer, putting some of her efforts into digging deeper into the state of radio as it relates to millennials. In one report nearly two years ago, Forbes claimed that millennials no longer have an interest in radio. A year later, Quartz published an article stating just the opposite.

While specific and accurate data on listeners' preferences is difficult to gather, understanding who still listens to radio and who strictly streams or downloads music is valuable information for advertisers and companies alike.

In her article, Ms. Lipsky explains the listening behaviors of her friend group, and how many of them discover new music not on the radio but through Spotify and other streaming channels. Although she knew from experience the growing popularity of music streaming, she sought to gather a broader perspective on millennial listening preferences through a polling group.

This study polled nearly 700 individuals ages 18-24, asking through which channel they most often listen to music. The results were strongly in favor of streaming radio at 640 votes, although many users claimed to still listen to AM/FM radio for their music.

Ms. Lipsky explains, "There are ways to stream traditional AM/FM radio, which often seems to be forgotten when news platforms release articles forecasting the death of radio because of streaming."

Businesses can use this information to leverage their brand and boost sales among millennial audiences. By advertising on Pandora and other streaming channels, a company can reach a large millennial audience, if that is who they would like to target.

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