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Trading on the Power of Nostalgia, Design Team Re-Interprets Retro Cars of the 1950s for Avid Collectors

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Updated 8:15 PM CST, Sun, February 03,2019

Seoul, South Korea -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2019 -- With just about two weeks to go in their Kickstarter campaign, the design team behind the nostalgic new project, "Rollis" has already surpassed the halfway mark on their funding goals. Now, they're looking for backers who are also retro car enthusiasts to help them bring eco-friendly toy car models to life -- in more ways than one!

Through animation and real-life modeling, the "Rollis" project is re-interpreting the classic designs of the automobile yesteryear with today's modern sensibilities and vehicular power features. Envisioned as a highly creative and collaborative project, the Rollis design team is looking to create an entertaining video trailer with animated versions of the cute and memorable Piaggi APE, the 175A Berlin and more. Alongside this animation-based endeavor, Rollis designers will also be releasing 20 limited edition toy car models for each of their three distinct retro designs: the Isette Mania, the Inter 175A Mania, and the Piaggio Ape Mania.

Each of these "rewards" sits at a pledge of $269 USD and also comes with hard packaging, acrylic covers, and a fixed board for display. The carefully and expertly hand-crafted models are cast in a 1:18 scale resin body and finished with eight coats of high-impact, high-gloss spray and UV coating. Backers at this level will also receive Rollis-themed postcards, a gift bag, and a credit in the film's end roll.

Of course, true car enthusiasts will appreciate the highest and final level of backing that delivers all three retro-inspired toy car models for a pledge of $749 USD. These limited edition creations are a testament to automobile design as a labor of love. Through their details and finishes, the collection showcases the design team's interpretation of "classic cars" of the 1950s. There are more ways than one to make a beloved era come alive in today's modern context. The team behind Rollis is employing all three, from a video-focused trailer meant to inspire nostalgia to the limited edition models of each retro car design.

It's not just about the idea of nostalgia. These retro-inspired designs spark a personal connection that each collector makes to a time when design ruled the automobile industry. Through the trifecta of the Isette Mania, the Inter 175A Mania, and the Piaggio Ape Mania, backers and car enthusiasts can help bring alive both an era gone by and an aesthetic preserved.

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