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True North Is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, Delivering Workshops, Large Group Engagements, and Individualized Coaching. Online Assessments Are Available.

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Updated 1:00 AM CDT, Mon, October 28,2019

Bethel, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2019 -- As one of the most reputable team building companies in the U.S, True North Team Building is an Authoirized Everything DiSC® certified partner, delivering personalized workshops based around the popular behavioral assessment tool. The DiSC® theory centers on four different behavioral traits as popularized by the psychologist William Moulton Marston. These traits are influence, dominance, conscientiousness, and steadiness.

True North delivers multiple practical workplace development solutions based around the Everything DiSC® model. One of these is the Everything DiSC® Workplace session. This session can accommodate small, medium and large-sized groups, and can be scheduled for a full- or half-day. The Everything DiSC® Workplace is a customizable workplace development program designed to engage employees of all positions in building more effective and productive interactions at work.

Participants will discover their own Everything DiSC® style and recognize the stress triggers, motivators, and priorities that influence theirs and others workplace behaviors. They will also learn to understand the differences and similarities amongst varying personality traits. As a result, participants will be able to make more meaningful connections with colleagues and work more effectively to solve problems, reduce tension, and positively contribute to their organization.

True North also facilitates an "Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Workshop." The purpose of this workshop is to help participants improve self-awareness around behaviors that occur during times of conflict. Rather than concentrate on step-by-step conflict resolution, this session helps participants nurture techniques to stop destructive behaviors and respond effectively during stressful situations. The course also offers a unique method for making more productive choices in response to workplace conflicts or differences.

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