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U-Lace Is Offering High-Quality Modular No-Tie Shoe Laces

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Updated 9:08 AM CST, Wed, February 13,2019

Are your kids having trouble tying their shoe laces? U-Lace brings you a unique product that helps your kids save time spent on tying and retying shoe laces. Get your kids excited about going back-to-school with U-Lace. The durable elastic shoe laces do not come untied thus ensuring the safety of your kid. These unique, woven yarn-dyed Polyester & Lycra fiber shoe laces come in a wide array of colors for your kiddos to choose from.

Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2019 -- Based in Rochester, New York, U-Lace is the leading manufacturer of high-quality modular no-tie shoe laces. It has a separate product lineup designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 12 years and those with smaller feet. U-Lace Kiddos is made from the same woven yarn-dyed polyester and Lycra fibers that is used to make U-Lace Classic. You can get kids elastic laces in a huge rainbow of colors. And for the kid who likes to express themselves differently each day, U-Laces quickly pop in and out one lace at a time so they can mix and match as often as they wish.

Kids are powerhouses of energy that absolutely love their sneakers. Amidst all the running and playing, untied shoe laces can turn into painful trips to the emergency room. Many parents have voiced how useful they find U-Laces as a safety product. It is the perfect way to protect kids from all sorts of safety hazards that untied laces present. And kids love the fact that they only have to lace them once and never tie the laces again. This also resolves the issue of time wasted in tying and retying shoelaces. Shoelaces will always and continually come untied; determined by researchers at Cal Berkeley.

"Our high quality, durable, no-tie modular elastic shoe laces are perfect for kids of younger ages who struggle to tie their own laces," said the sales manager at U-Lace. "The U-Laces are free of the need for any knots, bows and hassles, it's no wonder so many kids love their U_Laces. You can buy kids converse laces made from a special additive laced-feel technology to ensure the safety of your kids." The laces are perfect to achieve a clean, sleek and modern look without compromising on the comfort.

U-Lace has special domed tips that make allow for an easy push-pull installation. This helps kids customize and transform their sneakers into easy-on / easy-off slip-ons to match their unique style without breaking the bank. The time saving U-Lace Kiddos are not only beneficial to kids but also parents of elementary school-aged kids with small feet.

About U-Lace
Founded in 2008, U-Lace is a global leader in sneaker customizing accessories. It manufactures highly resilient and elastic shoe laces that drastically reduce the time kids spend on tying their laces. In fact, you can order kids black shoe laces and experience an innovative way to lace your shoes. The company even offers distinct and ingenious tips to help kids learn how to do their laces with their U-Lace University for lacing patterns.

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