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WHISPER Bed Mattress Has Been Designed for Providing Good, Restful and Deep Sleep

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Updated 12:15 AM CDT, Tue, May 07,2019

The WHISPER bed mattress is a unique bedding product that has been designed for improving body posture and the quality of sleep of people using this article.

Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2019 -- Good restful deep sleep is a prerequisite for a human's health and well-being, as it helps the body to recover and provides stress relief, increase energy level and strengthen the immune system. Those aware of the importance of quality sleep often look out for ways to achieve the same and WHISPER bed mattress is one such reliable way. It is the only mattress that adjusts to the sleeper's DNA to provide utmost comfort. WHISPER is a Dubai-based company committed to enabling people to experience restful deep night sleep with its innovative and high-quality sleeping products (mattress and pillow).

When asked about WHISPER sleeping products, the company spokesperson in an interview stated, "The seed for the creation of WHISPER was planted over 30 years ago with the aim to create premium sleeping products for sleepers around the world. Then professional sleepers and material engineers developed the technology, fabrics and revolutionary foam that make up the WHISPER mattress and pillow today. They enable people to sleep well and wake up fully refreshed and recharged in the morning. The WHISPER sleeping products were created to be superior to others but at a price point that is accessible to a CEO, as well as their assistant."

The WHISPER mattress is one of the best mattresses designed for great sleep and is exclusively available to buy online in Dubai and the UAE. The mattress is made of dynamic foams that are adjustable and medically certified. The breathable Quantum foam keeps sleepers cool while they enjoy their sleep. The pen-cell adaptive foam and the air channels allow heat and sweat to escape. The fabric used is thermo-regulating, which means it cools down when it's hot and retains heat when it's cold. The WHISPER mattress also helps sleep clean, as it is made with real silver that kills bacteria, prevents dust mites and gets rid of odours.

The spokesperson added, "Comfort is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a sound sleep and we have designed WHISPER mattress to provide exactly the same to people. Providing targeted support (more support to hips and shoulders and keeping the spine aligned), it allows you to sleep comfortably. The comfort is adjustable, as users can flip the DNA core to choose soft or firm, whichever suits them better. Additionally, there is dual comfort as there are two separate DNA cores. Sleeping partners can adjust their own side without disturbing one another."

The WHISPER bed mattress is indeed the best quality mattress that improves sleep quality and well-being. The company offers a 100-night risk-free post-purchase mattress trial. Buyers can continue using the mattress and can ask for a return within 100 days if they don't find it good enough. The company then picks them up to either donate to a local charity or recycle them. Those who want to buy unique and quality bed mattress in UAE can contact WHISPER.

WHISPER is a leading provider of high-quality yet competitively priced sleeping products, such as a bed mattress that helps people to sleep in a cool, clean, comfortable and protected fashion. Therefore, those who wish to buy mattress in Dubai for health benefits while saving money can contact WHISPER.

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